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The Ten-Minute Play: Original, Relevant & Edgy

The InspiraTO Festival, Canada's largest ten-minute play festival, was launched in 2006 at the intimate Alchemy Theatre in Toronto.  The festival founder and Artistic Director, Dominik Loncar, wanted to see if one could create quality theatre using the ten-minute play format. The response by audiences was overwhelming.  What started off as a weekend trial run mushroomed into a festival that receives over 300 ten-minute play submissions annually with over 80 participating theatre artists.  

Plays are seen in groupings of 6-8 ten-minute plays in one show. The challenge is to maximize the set design with minimal set and prop disruption between plays. In 2008,  the InspiraTO Festival adopted a yearly theme based on one of the senses (starting with "scent") and asked Lumir Hladik to join as Associate Artistic Director to create a unified set design and provide expertise to the visuals in the festival. At the helm of success of the festival is the creative partnership between Dominik and Lumir.       

As the festival grew there was a concerted effort to encourage theatre artists to participate in this new art form.  In 2010, InspiraTO went into a  partnership with Lisa O'Connell, Artistic Director of Pat the Dog, Ontario's Playwright's Centre. The InspiraTO festival has commissioned works with Pat the Dog playwrights and worked with their emerging writers.                                                                                                                  

During the 6th festival, in 2011, a learning series was added to help theatre artists and audience members gain a greater understanding about the ten-minute play.  Part of the learning series included guest theatre companies such as b current, Suitcase in Point and artists such as Tommy Taylor. 

Audiences are usually thrilled by the performances because they get exposed to a variety of plays in one evening and a chance to have a say for their favourite plays.  The winning plays are showcased at the finale performance. Lively discussions and debates can be heard long after the final curtain.

The InspiraTO Festival continues to champion high quality ten-minute plays. To date, 82 ten-minute plays have been produced. Some of these plays have received further acclaim and have been developed and produced into full length plays.   

Take a look at our journey and why this festival matters - click here:  the InspiraTO Story .


Past Productions


The 6th Annual InspiraTO Festival, June 1- 12, 2011, Alumnae Theatre, Toronto  

Key Supporter: Ontario Arts Council

blueSound plays (8 ten-minute plays in one performance): Aurial Archives and Personal Soundscapes from the Collection of Claire Porter & Dexter Marshall by Brianne Hogan.  Featuring Conor Hefferon and Nicole Bergot. Directed by Kelsey Blair. Happy New Trout by Suzanne Courtney.   Andrew Chapman and Natalie Bazar. Directed by Andreja Kovac.    Delilah by Len Cuthbert.  Featuring Marisa Crockett and Karen  Kwong-Chip  . Directed by. The Hole by Erin H. Banks.  Featuring  Bob Legare and Marisa Crockett. Directed by Annie MacMillan. ADSM: Frank Robinow.   Labyrinth by Margaret Hollingsworth.   Featuring Michael Hiller and David J. Phillips.  Directed by Valary Cook.  Hum of the Arctic by Sarah Hammond.  Featuring Yehuda Fisher, Jenessa Grant and Reinisa Macleod.  Directed by Leonard Mario Zgrablic.  Tango Partner by Angie Farrow. Featuring Natasha Fiorino and Farah Farah.  Directed by Dominik Loncar.  The Seven Lovers Old Bluehat Whistletop by Lauren Feldman. Featuring Jenny Rockman and Karen  Kwong-Chip.  Directed by Margaret Thompson. ADSM: Emma Mackenzie Hillier.

redSound plays (8 ten-minute plays in one performance): Slicing the Cherry by Nina Mansfield. Featuring Emily Stang and Cary West. Directed by Erin O'Hanley. Life, After Life by Karen Hartline. Featuring Thomas Daly, Patricia Garnett-Smith and Suzanne Bernier. Directed by Chris Goodwin.  Solitary by Catherine Frid. Featuring Gregory Cruikshank, Pooria Rouhani Fard, Mark Nimeroski and Richard Guppy. Directed by Mark Augustine.  Hush by Robin Pond.  Featuring  Carol McLennan and Dylan George. Directed by David Suszek. Of Mice and Men by Dominik Loncar. Featuring  MaryClaire Thompson, Bruce Williamson Lauren MacKinklay and  Adrian Rebucas.  Directed by Dale Sheldrake. Elephants by Jordan Davis  (InspiraTO  Playwriting Contest Winner).  Featuring Nick Dipchand,  Andrew Lawrie and Giovanni Spina.  Directed by Taryn Jorgenson.  Canadian Tuxedo by Nicole Pandolfo (People's Choice Award). Featuring Adrian Parks and Chris Luciow. Directed by Andrew Joseph Richardson.  Rest Assured by George M. Johnson.  Directed by Viktorija Kovac. Featuring Cary West, Kim Sprenger and Laura Gooding.

Ten Day Playwriting Contest Winner: Evan Bawtinheimer    In the Raw Playwrights (Learning Series): Gregory Cruikshank,  J. Alexander   Learning Series facilitators:  Lisa O'Connell, Dominik Loncar, Daniela Mazic & Lumir Hladik  

Guest Theatre Artists: Tommy Taylor: Tommy Taylor, Jamie Mason, Malcolm Taylor, Adrianna Posser, Michael McLeister    b current: Edwige Jean-Pierre, Nicholas Longstaff, Najla Edwards, Nickeshia Garrick, Mirra Kardonne, Tova Kardonne, Ariel Len, Navneet Rai, Aracely Reyes    Suitcase In Point: Deanna Lynn Jones, Brian Foster, Joe Lapinski   Little Black Dress Theatre: Kate Kudelka, Lisa Maher   Cara Spooner: Cara Spooner

Creative: Dominik Loncar (Artistic Director & Producer),  Lumir Hladik (Associate Artistic Director & Set Designer),  Chris Humphreys (Lighting Designer)

Production Team: Karen Elizabeth McMichael (Production Stage Manager), Angus Barlow (Technical Supervisor),  Alon Slabodnik (Lighting Technician) , Sebastian Farias (Sound Technician),  Zoe Cunningham (Sound Technician), Lisa Scianella (Assistant Stage Manager),  Lavinia Zamfir (Assistant Stage Manager), Zoe Alexander (Assistant Stage Manager), Volcano Playground (Transition music) , Keith Chang (Video production),  Erika Rueter , STAF (Media Relations) Vito Zmak (Photography),  Kelli Warder (Make up)

InspiraTO Playwriting Contest Selection Committee: Lisa O'Connell, Daniela Mazic, Molly Thom, Karen McMichael, Dominik Loncar & Lumir Hladik

Ten Day Playwriting Contest Adjudicators: Dominik Loncar &  Daniela Mazic   Supporters: TMX/Equicom, ParPrint Inc., FastSigns Toronto, Kal Mansur, Walter Fox & Associates   Festival Partner: Pat the Dog Playwright Centre




The 5th Annual InspiraTO Festival  ---  Alumnae Theatre, Mainstage, Toronto; June 3-13, 2010

Key supporter:


blueTouch Plays.  Mysterious and intriguing.  8 ten-minute plays in one show: Poke by Angela Froese Directed by Miranda Laurence. Cast:  Bruce Williamson, Farah Farah.  A Map of Somewhere Only We Know by Adam Cowart. Directed by Dan Daley. Cast:  Vanessa Quagliara, Jesse Watts. Stage Manager: Ana-Marija Stojic. Bungalow by Vern Thiessen. Directed by Dominik Loncar. Cast: Thomas Daly, Bryan Jones. Close Enough by Matt Haldeman (People's Choice Award). Directed by Andreja Kovac. Cast: Daniel Clark, Christina Lazarou. The Body Electric by Dominik Loncar. Directed by Mirelle Blassnig. Cast: Tracey Beltrano, Jason Siks.  Push by Adam Bradley. Directed by Tommy Taylor. Cast: Sedina Fiati, Michael McLeister.  A Simple Snow by Elaine Romero (INSPIRATO PLAYWRITING CONTEST WINNER). Directed by Megan Watson. Cast:  Kaitlyn Riordan, Thom Stoneman. Bag of Bones by John Weagly.  Directed by Meg Gennings. Cast: Melanie Hrymak, Laura Alderson.  

redTouch Plays.  Passionate and expressive.  8 ten-minute plays in one show: Twice as Bright by Daniel Heath. Directed by Erin O'Hanley. Cast: Emily Stang, Jake Rathgeber. Stay by Crystal Wood. Directed by Adrian Parks. Cast: Valarie McKee, Tino Wilson. Touch of Beauty by Ann Snead. Directed by Brad Loghrin. Cast: Patricia Garnett-Smith, Omar Sheikh.  Stupid, and Terrible by Shannon Murdoch. Directed by Adam Bradley. Cast: Kim Persona, Stephanie Ros, Ese Atawo. Mister Baxter by Kate Fenton. Directed by Adam Seybold. Cast: Stephanie Seaton, Jeffrey Simlett, Justin Darmanin, Riley Gilchrist.  Ledge by William Borden. Directed by Viktorija Kovac. Cast: Cary West, Ashlie White. Thin Air by Tom Coash. Directed by  A.J. Richardson. Cast: Lisa Rivers.  The Kiss by Mark Harvey Levine (People's Choice Award).  Directed by Daniela Mazic. Cast: Blair Kay, Daniel Ostropolec.

Two ten-minute plays were commissioned by InspiraTO and dramaturged by Lisa O'Connell, Artistic Director, Pat the Dog.  InspiraTO's Comminssioned by an Established Playwright:  Bungalow by Vern Thiessen (Governor General's Literary Award). InspiraTO's Commissioned Play by an Emerging Playwright: A Map of Somewhere Only We Know by Adam Cowart.

The 5th InspiraTO Ten Day Playwriting Contest winner: Sandwich by Tommy Taylor. 2nd prize: Touched by Victoria Goring.  3rd prize: The Magnificent Purple by Christopher Mastropietro & Eli Jenkins.  

5th InspiraTO Production Team: Dominik Loncar, Artistic Director & Producer; Lumir Hladik, Associate Director & Set Designer; Bryan Batty, Lighting Designer; Lynda Yearwood, Production Stage Manager; Karen Elizabeth McMichael, Assistant Stage Manager;  David Ing, Lighting Technician & Assistant Lighting Designer; Mimi Osvath, Sound Technician; Tiffany MacRae & Alanah King, Backstage Assistants & Make up; Angus Barlow, Technical Coordinator; Sylvana LaSelva, Front of House Manager; Front of House: Linde Weedman, Gabriella LaCoya, Lucia LaCoya, Doreen, Barbara. Music by Volcano Playground. Photography by Nikola Bilic Photography. Mark Spence, In-house Carpenter. 

Play Selection Committee; Lisa O'Connell, Molly Thom, Daniela Mazic, Lumir Hladik & Dominik Loncar. 

Ten Day Playwriting Contest Jury: Lisa O'Connell, Tracey Beltrano & Dominik Loncar,

Festival partner:


TMX/Equicom, The Lowe-Martin Group, BlueSuit Bookkeeping Ltd, Toronto Business Development Centre.

Special thank you to Lumir Hladik.



InspiraTO Festival -- 4rd Annual Toronto Ten-Minute Festival
June 4-13, 2009,   Lorraine Kimsa Studio Theatre, Toronto

Play Selection Committee; Shirley Barrie, Molly Thom, Daniela Mazic & Dominik Loncar. 

A SIMPLE QUESTION by Michael Wilmot. Directed by Victoria Shepherd. Cast: Ned Petrie, Lindsey Alston.  JALAPEÑO COUGH SYRUP by Albert Pergande.  Directed by Cydney Penner. Cast: Ingrid Wirsig, Chris Reid-Geisler. SAY NO MORE by Michael Kimball.  Directed by Dominik Loncar. Cast: Tracey Beltrano, Mark Augustine, Janine John, Mike Charles.  THE PIANO by Amy Fox. Directed by Jaclynn Tanner. Cast: Ese Atawo, Adrian Sheperd-Gawinski, Sara Mitich. HUMAN BEANS by Cerise de Gelder. Directed by Meg Gennings. Cast: Cary West, Pauline Wu, Nathan Callens, Jimmy King. FIFTY YEARS HUNGRY by Daniel Heath. Directed by Brian Crosby. Cast: Natalie Feheregyhazi, Laura Alderson. PURITY & THE PRINCE by Robin Rice Lichtig. Directed by Richard Carter. Cast: Josh Boychuk, Kimberly Persona, Harpeet Bains. WHILE ISABELLE BLEEDS by Sasha Semienchuk. Directed by Liz Bragg. Cast: Brian Dickson, Anne Shepherd. ATOMIC FIREBALL by Dominik Loncar.  Directed by Eve Kinizo (June 4-6). Directed by Dominik Loncar (June 11-13).  Cast: Irene Theocharis, Kasia Dyszkiewicz, Lauren Maykut.  CONTEST WINNER: IN PARIS YOU WILL FIND MANY BAQUETTES BUT ONLY ONE TRUE LOVE by Michael Lew. (By special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. www. Directed by Tommy Taylor. Cast: Adam Bradley, Mila Beaudoin, Elissa Ciullo.

THE PRODUCTION TEAM:    Dominik Loncar, Producer & Artistic Director;  Stevie Baker, Production Stage Manager;  Kate Duncan, Assistant Stage Manager; Lance Fox, Production Assistant; Molly Thom, Shirley Barrie, Daniela Mazic & Dominik Loncar, Play Selection Committee; Lumir Hladik, Creative Consultant/ Web Design; Kate Duncan, Program Design;  silverpointmediainc. ,video trailer;  Zmak Photography, Photography; Erika Rueter, STAF,  Publicity/ Marketing.


Thank you to Jeff Cowan at LKTYP.

A special thank you to Lumir Hladik.

InspiraTO Festival -- 3rd Annual Toronto Ten-Minute Festival
May 1-10, 2008,   Alchemy Theatre, Toronto

WEEK 1: Tango Player by Cathernie Frid; Doctor J's Magic Spray by Jay C. Rehak; Pitter-Patter by Michael Gianakos; Things That Go Bump by Richard Ballon; Restitution by Dominik Loncar; Aliens Saved My Marriage by Samuel Toll; Like A Baby by Greg Vovos; Turtle Beach by Aoise Stratford.

Directors: Danielle Capretti, Jennie Grimard, Bruce Williamson, Kim Harrington Meg Gennings, Michael Orlando, Kevin Shaver, Jimi Shlag.

Cast: Shabnam Munjal, Rod McTaggart, Scott Gorman, Nathan Callens, Emily Andrews, Michael Stewart, Scott Chacko, Frank Von, Raffaele Ciampaglia, Tyson James, Steve Schwabl, Erica Vella, Jaclyn Tanner, Tommy Boston, Julie Jarrett, Tia Brazda, Meghan J. Bower.

Production: Production Stage Manager: Esther Tusa; Lighting & Sound Technician; Ryan Holliday; Front of House: Linde Weedman, John Bourke; Web/postcard design: Lumir Hladik; Photographer (action pics): Bill Michelson; Lighting set-up: Simon Michellepis; Stage Manager (Pitter-Patter): Amy Williamson; Music (set changes): Dalma Adria; Music (plays): Tango De Manzana & Dance of Deception by Kevin MacLeod (

WEEK 2: Janice and the Pink Anger by
Ann McDougall, Ginger by Robin Pond, The Gardener by Joe Musso, The Beekeeper by David Starkey, Earth's Potion by Dominik Loncar, A Toxic Fairytale by Elena Naskova, Furious by Eric Appleton

Directors: Mirelle Blassnig, Charlene Rockwell, Roselie Williamson, Adam Barrett, Pawel Maj, Tim Sweeney, Dominik Loncar

Cast: Anne-Marie Smith, Ken Hall, Edgar Nentwig, Aidan Black-Allen, Stephen Kiely, Alexis Hancey, Dan Nicks, Ben Muir, Aaron Rothermund, Benny Min, David Occhipinti, Danielle Nicole, Monica Nunes, Lisa Rivers, Stefania Indelicato, John Petitti

Production: Production Stage Manager: Amanda Holder; Lighting & Sound Technician: Acey Rowe; Front of House: Linde Weedman; Web/postcard design: Lumir Hladik; Photographer (action pics): Bill Michelson; Lighting set-up: Simon Michellepis; Stage Manager (The Gardener): Andrew Huisman; Music (set changes): Dalma Adria; Music (plays): Acrobat & Circus (, Canon Song by Gasper Barone, Buttercup, I'm a Supergirl by Shonen Knife.

A special thank you to Lumir Hladik.

Artistic Director & Producer: Dominik Loncar

***  The Alchemy Studio Theatre was a perfect venue for a new up-start theatre festival: intimate, affordable with up-to-the minute technology.  This venue helped us develop our roots in our first three seasons and has allowed us to "fly" to a larger venue.  It was sad to see its doors close at  the end of 2008.   To the director and creator of the Alchemy Studio Theatre, Simon Michellepis, a very big thank you.             

Trapped Spaces -- 2nd Annual Toronto Ten-Minute Festival
June 7 -16, 2007, Alchemy Theatre, Toronto

WEEK 1: Fudged by Susan Elizabeth Megson; Female Dogs by Barbara Lindsay; Guilty by Writing by Miranda Laurence; Curfew by Arthur Jolly; Don't Look by Lynn Snyder; Queen Bee Syndrome by Tom Sime; Up On The Roof by Mark Harvey Levine.

Directors: Mirelle Blassnig, Alexandra Riccio, Nicole Rubacha, Jason Scheide, Pawel Maj, Meghan Gennings & Adam Barrett.

Cast: Corine Haan, Luke Slade, Kelly-Marie Murtha, Manuela Nudo, Michael Dodds, Valarie McKee, Suzanne Bernier, Irene Theocharis, Steve Schwabl, Meredith Shaw, Allana Reoch, Meredith Heinrich, Erica Vella, Tyson Li.

Production Stage Manager: Michele Stewart; Lighting & Sound Technician; Tohru Kawakami; Front of House: Linde Weedman.

WEEK 2: The Quiet Actor by Steven Schutzman; Moon's Interview by Robin Pond; Bankin' On the Grand by Chris Shaw Swanson; Orphan Train by Julie Tosh; Out by Ian Walker; Half Moon Half Sun by Dominik Loncar; The Growth by Chris Shaw Swanson.

Directors: Samantha Stasiuk, Chuck Harvey, Jimi Shlag, Jordan Dibe, Craig Downton, Eve Kinizo, Kevin Shaver.

Cast: Lisa Metzger, Tracey Beltrano, Ken Hall, Ingrid Wirsig, Elliot Shermet, Brian Dickson, Tia Brazda, Patrice Henry, CJ Reader, Nathan Callens, Jayne Collins, Jon DeSantis, Brian Mifsud, Kate Lai, Julie Jarrett, Tommy Boston, Janice Peters.

Production Stage Manager: Alex Whyte; Lighting & Sound Technician: Negar Khalvati; Front of House: Linde Weedman. A thank you to Chuck Harvey & his wife for coordinating the Friday Performance.

A thank you to Simon Michellepis for his advice and setting up the lighting and sound system.

A special thank you to Jason Scheide.

Artistic Director & Producer: Dominik Loncar

Bitter Sauce -- 1st Annual Toronto Ten-Minute Festival
June 9 & 10, 2006, Alchemy Theatre, Toronto

Coffee or Tea by Chuck Harvey; The Marionette & the Puppeteer by Ali Shamlou; Living the Dream by Robert Bruce; Substitution, Blueberry Pie and Sleepwalking by Dominik Loncar.

Directors: Dominik Loncar, Farah Farah, Valarie McKee, Chuck Harvey, Luciana Galli & Jason Scheide.

Cast: Margaret MacLeod, Farah Farah, Scott Chacko, Jason Scheide, Andrew Moyes, Valarie McKee, Jennifer Roach, Suzanne Godbehere, Steve Schwabl, Luciana Galli, Kerrie Lamb, Miranda Laurence, David Goldberg, Christopher Simm & Laura Alderson.

Production Stage Manager: Michele Stewart, Lighting & Sound Technician: Linde Weedman, Front of House: Mirelle Blassnig, Rudhra Persad, Aali Ali.

A special thank you to Michele Stewart.

Artistic Director & Producer: Dominik Loncar


The Glory Café by Dominik Loncar
A play about the 2003 blackout

May 6 & 7, 2005, Walmer Theatre Centre, Toronto
Directed by Dominik Loncar

Cast: Robert Bruce, Farah Farah, Luciana Galli, Suzanne Godbehere, Miranda Laurence, Patrick Rheins & Valarie McKee.

Lighting Design: Dale Whittington; Lighting Technician; Inna Povrchuk; Sound Technician: Linde Weedman; Sound Recording: Ruth Ward; Front of House: Laurie Konkle, Wallie Seto.

A special thank you to Dale Wittington, Inna Povarchuk & Linde Weedman

Artistic Director & Producer: Dominik Loncar

Theatre Inspirato was launched in 2003, with Dominik Loncar as Artistic Director, offering acting/improv workshops and a performance in 2004. A great big thank you goes to the inaugural Theatre Inspirato troupe of 2003-2004: Farah Farah, Suzanne Godbehere, Luciana Galli, Miranda Laurence, Valarie McKee & David Goldberg.

A special thank you to Joe Ward.

Thanks to all those Inspiratos who made our productions a success.